10 Unusual and Interesting Things to Do in San Francisco

Have you been to Las Vegas numerous times? Have you experienced casinos and strippers a hundred times? Approximately once per month, I used to make the trip from Los Angeles to Las Vegas. Therefore, I began searching for novel activities, activities that the majority of people are unaware even exist.

Las Vegas has certainly earned its reputation as an extravagant metropolis. If you’re searching for unusual activities, you’ll find them in abundance in Las Vegas. The following activities may not appeal to everyone, but that’s why they’re referred to as “weird” things to do in Las Vegas.

Here are my fave unusual activities in Las Vegas. Bring a companion; they will also enjoy it.

Off-roading with untamed horses and burros

Approximately twelve years ago, I drove my new vehicle into the’mountains’ of Las Vegas in search of amusement. My sister formerly resided in Las Vegas, and she told me about an off-roading region where she once spotted Andre Agassi dragging a woman down a gravel road in a Hummer. She informed me there were untamed donkeys and horses in the area. I stated, “BS” There are no longer any feral donkeys in the United States, let alone in Las Vegas. To me, it sounded like a pile of equine dung.

To see for myself, I drove up Charleston Boulevard and onto Red Rock Canyon Road, as directed by my sister. As I passed the Red Rock National Conservation Area, I began to see signs warning of untamed burros and horses. “BS,” I repeated.

A few miles later, I discovered a dirt road on the left that appeared to be an off-road area, so I took it to put my new vehicle to the test.

Within a hundred yards of the main road, a genuine donkey suddenly appeared in front of me. I moved slightly further and observed a few more. Around a few turns, I felt like I had traveled back in time 200 years – three untamed horses! I do not mean “wild” in the sense of “well-groomed” or “someone set them free.” These straggly animals had obviously spent their entire lives in this area; they were genuine untamed horses.

Hand Rolled Don Yeyo Cigars

Sure, you can get a fine cigar at any Las Vegas casino or lounge, but can you observe a Cuban roll it? Try that at the Wynn, it’s impossible. This is what they do at Don Yeyo Cigars, located just a few blocks off the promenade. In addition to offering some of the finest cigars in town, master cigar rollers will hand-roll your selection in front of you.

If you’re only there to party and appear sophisticated, take a Macanudo and fire it up. Check out this location if you want to see what goes into creating one of these bad guys. Don Yeyo produces cigars for every flavor, and consumers can select their preferred wrapper. Cigars from a hotel humidor are significantly more expensive than the prices here. Prices typically range from $3.15 for the Nino to $7.30 for the gigantic Torpedo. My preference is the $5.15 Monterrey, which is my personal favorite. For that price you’ll get a high quality cigar at about 1/3rd the price.

For more information, please visit DonYeyo.com or pass by the shop located at:

89102 328 W. Sahara Blvd., Las Vegas, Nevada

(702) 384-9262

Monday through Friday, 9 am to 6 pm. Saturday, 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.






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